Arting and Writing to Transform Education: An Integrated Approach for Culturally and Ecologically Responsive Pedagogy


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By Meleanna Meyer, Miki Maeshiro, and Anna Sumida

This book presents an integrated approach to the education of children that teaches them how to see and describe their world—both the natural world around them and their own culture and identity—through linking the media of art and language, considered as parallel creative-expressive processes of arting (representation in visual images) and writing (representation in words). The goal is transformative education based on the combined power and synergy of arting and writing processes to raise the educational experience to a higher level of exploration, personalized learning, and empowerment.

The book is inspirational in content, suggesting an approach to educating children that will be enjoyable to teach and will engage learners and help them realize their full potential. It is also visually inspirational, richly illustrated in color with examples of student work and the work of artists and teachers, including that of the authors themselves.

Published by Equinox Publishing, Sheffield, England. Limited distribution by Kamehameha Publishing. Not eligible for discounts.

Softcover. 2018. 8.5 x 11". 224 pp.