Lauka‘ie‘ie: A Hawaiian Legend Retold


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Written and illustrated by Robin Yoko Racoma

Nestled in the lush and fertile Waipi‘o Valley, Pōkahi and Kaukini have everything they need … except a child. In this adaptation of a traditional Hawaiian story, the kind, hardworking couple is blessed with a special gift from Hina.

This story is based on “Lau-ka-ieie” as found in Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-gods, collected and translated from Hawaiian by W. D. Westervelt. There is also another English version, “‘Ie‘ie and Lehua,” found in Hawai‘i Island Legends by Mary Kawena Pukui. A Hawaiian-language version of the story of Lauka‘ie‘ie was printed serially starting January 2, 1894, in the newspaper Ka Leo o ka Lahui. It is entitled “He Moolelo Kaao Hawaii no Laukaieie.” The same story was printed in another newspaper, Ka Oiaio, starting January 5, 1894.

About the Author
Robin Yoko Racoma worked as a graphic designer/illustrator at Kamehameha Schools for many years. In addition to illustrating numerous publications for Kamehameha Schools, she has also illustrated children’s books for other publishers in Hawai‘i. Her award–winning work is inspired by the Hawaiian culture, people, history, flora, and fauna of these islands. This is her first book as both author and illustrator.

Hardcover. 2008. 9 x 11". 32 pp.
*Hawaiian edition also available.

Watch the animated story on Lau Nehenehe, available on ‘Ōiwi TV and YouTube!