Kamehameha and His Warrior Kekūhaupi‘o


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Written in Hawaiian by Stephen L. Desha
Translated by Frances N. Frazier

Winner of the 2001 Samuel M. Kamakau Award for Hawai‘i Book of the Year

Winner of the 2001 Ka Palapala Po‘okela Award of Excellence in General Hawaiian Culture, Excellence in Writing Nonfiction—S. L. Desha, and Excellence in Writing Literature—F. N. Frazier

From December 1920 to September 1924, Reverend Stephen L. Desha published a serial account of the lives of Kamehameha and Kekūhaupi‘o in his weekly Hawaiian language newspaper Ka Hoku o Hawaii. Kekūhaupi‘o, a master of Hawaiian martial arts, first served as Kamehameha’s instructor in the skills of combat before becoming his stalwart bodyguard, fearless warrior, and trusted advisor. Desha uses the character of Kekūhaupi‘o to largely retell the story of Kamehameha. Lovingly translated, the text retains much of the eloquence that places Desha among the foremost Hawaiian writers of his time.

Softcover. 2000. 6 x 9". 588 pp.
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