Five Star Transportation Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Five Star Transportation is committed to protecting your privacy. We have established this Privacy Policy to provide the understanding in how and why we collect and use your information and the efforts we use to protect it. Please note that this policy is for the KS eMall; it does not apply to other sites that you may link to from our site.

Personal Information Collected

Five Star Transportation recognizes the need for consumers to control the use and management of personal information. Personal information is used to identify or contact an individual. This includes a first and last name, a physical address, an email address, or a phone number. You do not need to provide any personal information if you are visiting our site to browse merchandise, product or business information. If you decide to make a purchase, we do collect this information so that we can process your order of purchasing product(s) or service you requested and be able to contact you in regards to your order.

Personal Information Use

Five Star Transportation uses personal information provided by you so that we can service your order. We may need to transfer that information to our agents or employees of our service providers. We will only transfer the information to the extent necessary to provide the requested information, service, or product(s) to you. We will not sell or trade your information to unrelated third parties. When you submit an order you will receive an email confirmation from our system. As your order status changes you may also receive notifications via email. These notifications are considered part of our service and may not be disabled. We may also periodically send you email notifications concerning products or services offered by Five Star Transportation or Kamehameha Schools. Any such notification will include instructions for opting out of future mailings.

Confidentiality and Security

Five Star Transportation takes reasonable steps to ensure that your information is protected. On our websites we use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when collecting your personal information. Our website is hosted in a data center which makes use of multiple levels of redundant firewalls and database encryption to protect information. Internally, we limit access to your information to those employees or agents who we believe have reasonable need to use the information to provide products or services to you.


When your order is placed on our website we will send you an email notification. When your order status changes you may also receive notifications via email.


Links to our site

Five Star Transportation and Kamehameha Schools is not responsible, in any way, for the content of other websites or companies that place a link to our website on their web pages. Companies or individuals placing links to our site on their pages do so at their own discretion and cannot be controlled by Five Star Transportation or Kamehameha Schools.